Brittany Carlisi

I was introduced to Italian food and wine culture through my immigrant Sicilian grandparents. My professional career in restaurants arose out of a curiosity and love of the culinary experiences that I remembered having with my family. 

After college, I moved to Rome, Italy to immerse myself in Italian culture before starting my career in the wine business, selling fine Italian wines throughout California. I have been living between Italy and the United States for more than a decade, working in wine trade in both New York and California, as well as food and wine tourism in Rome, Italy and on Mount Etna in Sicily. 

I am a Certified Sommelier level 2 with the Court of Masters, as well as an Italian Wine Specialist with the North American Sommelier Association and North and Central Italy certified with Ian d’Agata’s 3iC Italian wine curriculum.  I divide my time between Italy, New York and California, working as an ambassador for select Italian wine brands, and curating culinary experiences in Italy and the USA. 



Accept what life offers you and try to drink from every cup. All wines should be tasted; some should be sipped, but with others, drink the whole bottle.
– Paolo Coelho




Based on my experience working in restaurants, wholesale distribution and as a supplier of Italian wine, my company provides wine trade consulting for Italian wine producers looking for representation in the USA and for distributors and importers worldwide looking for Italian wineries to represent.

I am an ambassador in the US market for a selection of artisan Italian wineries. I work independently and with importers and distributors to oversee sales and marketing, education, events and product placement.




What is Enogastronimic Tourism?  The word Enogastronomy is slowly being introduced into the English language and comes from the Italian word Enogastronomia (eno•gas•tron•o•mia), which is the tying together of food, wine, and culture.

I collaborate with a variety of tourism companies in Italy to create tailor made tours based on guest preferences and the type of experience they are looking for.  From winery visits, cooking classes, volcano excursions and door-to-door driving services, I  can custom build an experience for you in collaboration with my many associates in Italy.  



Being raised in a family of restaurateur-entertainers has its benefits. After years of working in restaurants and catering, I am well adept at organizing enogastronomic events in the USA and Italy.

I collaborate with friends and partners in the food and wine industry to organize tastings and events that present Italian cuisine and culture in exciting and engaging ways.

I can be hired as a sommelier and educator for wine events but also curate wine dinners and private events with talented chefs, who design authentic and innovative menus for the optimal dining experience.









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